TRASH PAYMENTS - A technical error recently occurred with our online payment processing system Invoice Cloud. Payments made were incorrectly issued a discount of $4.55 (per billing unit). The system has since been corrected and an automatic “balance due” email was sent to each payee reflecting the difference. To avoid paying an additional convenience fee this balance can be paid in one of the following ways: online with the spring 2021 bill, sent now by check through the mail, or by using the drop box outside the township building. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Trick or Treat will be on Friday, October 30, 2020. It generally is held on the 31st of October, UNLESS that date falls on a Saturday or Sunday; 

The recommended date and time for trick or treat is done for the safety of those participating and does not prohibit or prevent residents from conducting trick or treat activities on other dates and times. This recommended date and time will not be changed, altered or be cancelled, for any reason. Participation in trick or treat is voluntary and as such participants should make decisions based on their personal comfort level after considering all factors, including the possibility of inclement weather. The Township does not enforce compliance with COVID-19 guidelines and will not as they relate to trick or treat events.

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It is required that all visitors to the township building wear masks per Governor’s order during the COVID-19  public health emergency. We appreciate your cooperation in this important matter.

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