Village Park

Located on Village Road just down the road (west) from the Municipal Center, across from Mentzer Road, and home to the LS-YMCA the park is complete with ball fields, hockey rink, a playground, bandshell and pavilion, and a walking and jogging path that is 1.25 miles long. For reservations, contact West Lampeter Township Municipal Center at 717-464-3731.

Village Park Map HERE




a. All public parks and playgrounds owned, operated, maintained or supported by the Township of

West Lampeter shall be closed between the hours of sunset and sunrise. No person, other than

authorized supervisors, police, road crew or similar personnel, shall occupy, frequent or use the

parks and playgrounds between such hours, except when such parks and playgrounds are being

used for special events, entertainment, athletic contests or similar affairs which have been

authorized, scheduled and/or are supervised by the Township.


b. All structures, equipment and facilities owned by the Township in park and public property are to be

used in an appropriate fashion for the activities for which they were designed and intended.


c. Smoke free parks – smoking and the use of tobacco is prohibited on Township owned park



d. It shall be unlawful for any person to do any of the acts hereinafter described within the limits of any

Township park or public property:


(1) To engage in any conduct which interferes with the peaceable use of park or public property by other people, including but not limited to the throwing of stones, sticks or hard objects in the

vicinity of other people.


(2) To permit any owner’s dog, livestock or other pet or animal under the owner’s control to run at large. All dogs and other animals shall be attended to and maintained on a leash at all times. An owner is responsible for cleaning up any waste from his or her animal and properly disposing of said waste in trash collection receptacles.


(3) To discharge any firearms as that term is defined by 6120(b) of the Pennsylvania Uniform

Firearms Act except for the justifiable use of force as authorized by Chapter 5 of the

Pennsylvania Crimes Code, or to use or possess any bow and arrow, slingshot, air rifle or any

other device (other than firearms as defined above) capable of throwing any projectile of any

sort, including the hand throwing of rocks or stones intended to be used as weapons.


(4) To engage in archery and hitting of golf balls, except on such grounds or place specifically

designated for such purpose.


(5) To possess, drink or be under the influence of any alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.


(6) To break, cut, deface, disturb, injure or take any flower, fruit, plant, tree, shrub, bench, building, fence, sign, monument or other structure, apparatus or property.


(7) To operate any motorized vehicle, snowmobiles, mini-bikes, go carts or any similar device at

any place other than roadways or special areas specifically designed for operation of such

vehicles. (Personal assistive mobility devices are permitted.)

(8) To throw or deposit cans, bottles, broken glass, paper or rubbish of any kind except in specially designated containers provided for their proper disposal.


(9) No person shall gather or remove any wood, turf, grass, soil, rock, sand or gravel unless

authorized by the Township.


(10) Make or kindle open fires or engage in camping activities.


(11) Parking is permitted only in designated areas.


It shall be required to file an application to obtain approval to reserve any facility or pavilion for an activity, event or function in any of the Township parks.


a. Each approval issued by the Township, or its designated agent, shall be subject to park rules and

regulations, and a person to whom such an approval may be granted shall be bound by the rules

and regulations as outlined in this document.


b. Any person to whom such approval may be granted shall be liable for any loss, damage or injury

sustained by any person for reason of negligence of the person or persons to whom such approval

may be granted, their agents or employees. A certificate of insurance naming the Township as

“additional insured” for the specific event shall be required as part of the application.


c. Specific portions of the rules and regulations may be waived only upon written approval of the

Board of Supervisors.


d. All fees established by the Board of Supervisors are required to be submitted along with the

application for the use of parks and facilities.


e. It will be the responsibility of the approved applicant(s) to clean the area following the event. A

follow-up inspection will be done by the Township, and any damage or cleaning required will be

noted and may result in additional charges being incurred.


Any person who shall violate or fail to comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of

Supervisors will result in the immediate revocation of the approved use and the escorting of the group from the premises. [Furthermore, any person who violates or fails to comply with the rules and regulations may be found guilty of a summary offense and upon conviction thereof shall before a District Justice be sentenced to pay a fine of not less than ($25.00) nor more than ($300.00) together with costs of prosecution and in default of payment thereof shall be imprisoned for not more than (30) days.]