Trash & Recycling

Residential Refuse & Recycling Program
The township provides residents of the community with a curbside waste management program at a reasonable cost through a contract between the township and a single hauler. The basic fee  includes a three (3) refuse container per week limit and unlimited recycling collection.  State law requires that the township have a recyclable materials disposal plan. Therefore the township provides in its waste management program a method by which various recyclable materials are collected for recycling. 
All residents are required to have curbside pick-up of trash and recycling items with the Township's contracted hauler, currently Penn Waste. Owners of newly constructed homes should contact the Township Administrative office to begin collection, receive a recycling container (no cost for first container) and be sent a pro-rated bill. All other trash / recycling issues are also handled through the Township Administrative Office. Residents are asked to call the Township at 464-3731 if there are any problems or questions regarding how trash and recycling is handled.
Penn Waste