Project Lifesaver

The West Lampeter Township Police Department, the Friends of the Force, and the Pilot Club of Lancaster have partnered together in bringing “Project Lifesaver” to the West Lampeter Township community. Project Lifesaver is a rapid response, public safety program designed to protect and locate missing persons who wander due to various cognitive impairments.  Using state of the art technology, the Police Department has the capability to assist is locating individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Down Syndrome, Autism, and other developmental disorders. When a person wearing an individualized Project Lifesaver bracelet wanders off, Project Lifesaver is set into motion by the parent or caretaker. Worn on the wrist or ankle, participants wear a personalized transmitter that emits a tracking signal on an individually assigned FM radio frequency. When a caregiver calls 911 to report that an individual is missing, a search team responds to the wanderer’s area where a hand-held mobile locator tracking system is used to locate the individual. Although national response times vary, the average time for locating a missing person with Project Lifesaver is less than 30 minutes. In over 2,568 searches, Project Lifesaver agencies have received a 100% success rate with no serious injuries or fatalities. Officers of the Department are trained in proper use of this cutting-edge technology. Neighboring police jurisdictions are encouraged to join our hub as satellite agencies for broader use of the Project Lifesaver program. 

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