West Lampeter Township MS4 Program

West Lampeter Township maintains an NPDES Phase II MS4 Permit, whichallows the Township to discharge stormwater runoff from roads and properties intolocal waterways. West Lampeter would be in violation of the Clean Water Acteach time it rained if we did not maintain our MS4 permit. The Township isrequired to fulfill six key provisions, called Minimum Control Measures (orMCMs) of the NPDES permitting program to maintain our MS4 permit. Each MCM is astandalone strategic plan that cooperates and reinforces the others towardslocal action in improving water quality.

permit program

MCM 1 Public Education and Outreach:

The PEOP lays a framework for the Township to informresidents on their interactions and impacts to our watersheds. Examples includethings like newsletters, posters, and flyers.

MCM 2 Public Involvement and Participation:

ThePIPP works connectedly with the PEOP in engaging residents in water qualityconcerns. Examples include active volunteering efforts, school presentations,and active learning experiences.

MCM 3 Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination:

Illicitdischarges can include blatant polluting actions, like intentionally pouringmotor oil down a storm drain, as well as unintended and potentially unavoidableaccidents. The IDD&E establishes how the Township prepares for,investigates, and responds to non-stormwater discharges to our MS4 andwaterbodies.

MCM 4 Construction Site Runoff Control Plan:

Constructionsites kick up lots and lots of dust. The CSRCP lays out a framework for how theTownship prevents dust and grit from construction projects from washing rightinto our streams and river. In addition to inspections conducted by theTownship Engineer, the Township partners with the Lancaster County ConservationDistrict and the PA DEP Qualifying Local Program for assistance with activeconstruction sites.

MDM 5 Post-Construction Stormwater Management:

How do we know BMPs are being maintained and functioning properly after they have been constructed? We inspect them! The PCSM outlines how the Township reviews post-construction stormwater management facilities.

MCM 6 Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping:

The Township owns properties and performs activities that impact water quality. The PPGHP sets out how Township can limit negative impacts to local water quality from routine operations.

View 2022 West Lampeter Township MS4 Annual Report here.