Emergency Services

Fire & Rescue Services

The township is fortunate to have truly dedicated volunteers that serve the community with the Lampeter Fire Company and Willow Street Fire Company. Volunteers are always needed and welcome, so please contact them! 

Emergency Medical Services

Lancaster Emergency Medical Services Association (LEMSA) is the preferred emergency medical service provider for the township, providing 24-hr advanced life support (ALS), basic life support (BLS), wheelchair van, and specialty patient transportation services. Susquehanna Valley Emergency Medical Services (SVEMS) also provides 24-hour service to the township.    

Emergency Management Agency (EMA)

This agency is charged by state law and recognized by local ordinance to prepare, implement and maintain an emergency operations plan.  This plan is designed to reflect how to respond in a given natural or man-made disaster, and providing for coordination of resources, to disseminate information and give direction to the general public.

The EMA is comprised of an Emergency Management Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator and other emergency service providers that come together during a time of emergency in a coordinated effort to respond to and mitigate a potential or actual emergency of an exceptional magnitude.