Stormwater Management

What is Stormwater?                                     

‘Stormwater’ is water from a precipitation event, like rain or snow. Stormwater that falls onto grass permeates, or soaks into, the ground. Stormwater is also soaked up by trees, shrubs, and grasses. Plants also help slow down stormwater, so it has more time to be soaked up. When stormwater hits hard surfaces, like streets and houses, it cannot permeate into the ground; and instead runs off.

Stormwater Runoff can be a big problem. Lots of impermeable surfaces mean lots of fast moving water when it rains. Too much stormwater runoff can mean flooded roads and homes Stormwater runoff also moves trash and dirt into our streams and rivers. To learn more how Pollution travels downstream and winds up in our rivers, lakes, and streams read this.

PollutionTo help fix stormwater runoff, West Lampeter has a stormwater moving system called an MS4. MS4 means Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System. An MS4 is a group of drains, manholes, pipes, and ditches placed all around the Township that help move stormwater runoff away from roads and houses. An MS4 sewer is different than the Sanitary Sewer or Septic System your bathroom goes to. An MS4 drains water directly into the streams and rivers we use for drinking water. 

We Need Your Help!we need your help

Please help us keep our streams and rivers clean by only letting rain go down the storm drains. And if you see anyone dumping yard waste, trash, or chemicals into our storm drains, rivers, or streams, please call and tell us immediately

Township Office Phone #: (717) 464-3731


  1. 852 Village Road,
    P.O. Box 237
    Lampeter, PA 17537

  2. Carol L. Moulds, EIT

    Stormwater Coordinator


    Ph: 717-464-8019

    Fx: 717-464-5047

    (Excluding Holidays)

    Tuesday & Thursday

    Please call to confirm Carol is in the Township Office.

    Stormwater Ordinance

    If you are interested in being a Stormwater Volunteer, please contact the Stormwater Management Coordinator using the email link above.

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